1. You send us the envelopes/supplies, we do the work. Remember to add 10% extra envelopes for error allowances.
Please prepare your invitation list by typing the name and addresses in a block format. (See Calligraphy Services offered)

2. Your invitation list should be in a straight forward, block style format with information exactly as you want it to appear. Specify
proper titles such as "Doctor", etc. as applicable. Also, the length of guests' names should reflect the amount of space
available on the invitation; it is not possible to try to squeeze the individual names of family members/children into a space of
less than three inches.

3. Please ensure that you proofread your typed written list before sending it to us.

4. All hand-letterings are done in black ink in styles found in our lettering section.

5. For invitations and envelopes, allow 2-4 weeks for completion. Please plan this well in advance, keeping in mind that
invitations are mailed out at least six weeks before the wedding date.

6. For poems, place cards, custom certificates, wedding vows, and cutom menus, please allow 2-3 weeks for completion.

7. For fill-in certificates, diplomas, etc., please allow 1- 2 weeks for completion.

8. All orders are pre-paid. Shipping will be charged separately.

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