Our Services offer fine calligraphy that is hand-lettered, not computerized. An elegant hand-lettered look can evoke and communicate, where the computer cannot do. Even "simulated' computer calligraphy does not compare to the good old-fashioned technique of  beautiful hand-script work. If you would like a sample of our fine works at no cost, please see our free sample offer. Let us know how we can help you make your special event or occasion a successful one. We'd love to hear from you.
Invitation Envelopes, outer/inner

Invitation - custom (camera ready or original distribution)

Place cards

Certificates- Marriage, Birth, Special events/Occasion, Diplomas

Wedding Vows

Favorite poems, sayings, verses, scriptures, etc.

Special Menus(camera ready or original distribution)

You provide the envelopes, place cards, blank certificates, choice of paper for wedding vows, etc. and we'll do the rest.

For envelopes and place cards, please send extra envelopes & place cards; 10% of the quantity of your order for error allowances.
Please ensure that your list is clearly typed and proofread. The envelopes will be addressed in the order it is listed, and will be shipped
back to you in that order. The list of addresses should be provided in a block format as shown below. The average time required
depending upon how large or small the order will be between 2-3 weeks.
Hand lettering is an art form, and cannot be rushed, so please allow plenty of time when ordering.


1. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Walker
    2125 South Bend Drive
    Colorado Springs, CO 80901

2. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Brown
    6731 River View Lane
    Cinnamon Ridge, MD 20774

For Place cards - Send us a typed list of names to be calligraphied on the place cards.
Allow an additional 10-15% extra place cards for error allowances.

For Certificates - Send us the information exactly the way you want it calligraphied on the certificate.
Select your lettering style, and send that along with your typed wordings, and certifcate sheet.

For Wedding Vows, poems, etc. - Provide us with a layout of how you want each line of words to appear.
Select your lettering style, and send your selected paper or card stock sheet, and a typed or printed writing of your poem,
Wedding vows, etc. to us, and we'll take care of the rest.

Example Layout of a poem:

1st line:           Faithful friends
2nd line:          are gifts from
3rd line:       Heaven; Whoever
4th line:      finds one, has found
5th line:           a Treasure....
8th line   Thank you for being my Friend....

Any special requests: *Please center poem

Menus - Send us your menu selection to be calligraphied, your selection of lettering style
and selected card stock , or paper for camera ready sheet, and we'll do the rest!

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