Invitation Envelopes - (each)  

   Outer                                $3.50

   Inner  (names only)         $1.25
*If ordering both outer and inner envelopes, $3.95 for both.

Invitation - custom hand drawn - camera ready for printing       $95.00/up       

Placecards     $1.95 ea. or if ordering with envelopes only $1.35 each.

Certificates: Fill in only -(names, date, etc.)  $6.75 per line
                      Custom calligraphied certificate - $65.00+  (borders, illustrations, extra)
                      Call or e-mail for quote
: (208) 356-6812

Menus:   One page Master  (5" x 7" - 8 1/2" x 11") - camera ready for printing    
                $75.00 (borders, illustrations, extra - Call or e-mail for quote
: (208) 356-6812

Poems, sayings, scriptures, phrases, etc. :    $7.00 + per line, please have words formatted
                                                        on each line as to how you would like it to appear.
                                                               Call or e-mail for quote
: (208) 356-6812       
Wedding Vows - $95.00/ up  (Depending on length of wordings & size)
                                                    Illustrations, borders & decor - extra charge.
                                                    Call or e-mail for quote: (208) 356-6812

All orders to be pre-paid in full with applicable shipping charges to follow.
For single sheet orders such as certificates and poems, please add $5.50 s/h to your order.

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