CJD 230 Friends of the Heart (pins) You'll love these folky stitched pins! 
         $7.50 pattern                                                                                 

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CJD 238 Jolly Smiles

3" x 22" Wallhanging & 19" Pillow

Great needlepunch project to stitch up a smiley Snowman pillow or a Jolly Snowman Wallhanging! You could also use woolfelt or other fabrics instead of needlepunching for variation! The pillow is great for snuggling!

         $7.50 pattern               

CJD 232 Rustic Nick

A 29" Collectible Primitive Santa

Wonderful woolfelt in Rustic Crimson and Cobblestone were used in this patriotic primitive Santa. He has a unique sculpted stitched face, rustic bells off his cape, snowboots, stitched vines, flag, and a gingerbread.

         $7.50 pattern               

CJD 233 Stars and Stripes Forever

11" x 13" pillow, 15" x 17" wallhanging, 8" x 10" framed

Easy needlepunch projects to stitch up a patriotic Annie wallhanging, Star pillow, and an Old Glory framed stitchery..

         $7.50 pattern       

..CJD 235 Santa's Flying Goose
36" x 23" Wallhanging

A whimsical wallhanging using National Non-woven's wool felts and assorted flannel plaids, Santa's flying through the night on his Christmas goose, and has finished up delivering all his gifts, and as he leaves, he wishes all a "Good Night!" .

         $7.50 pattern       

CJD 236 For Thee, Sweet Flowers
15" x 23" Wallhanging, 19" Pillow

Another wonderful needlepunch project with lovable folky bunnies, flowers, butterflies and vines. The Pillow bunny holds a flower for "thee", along with a basket of sweet flowers gathered from the garden. The wallhanging displays a side-view of a bunny with a couple of heart flowers stitched on its body. This project is a great gift idea for weddings, birthdays, babies, or for your home decor!

         $7.50 pattern       

CJD 239 Colonial Glory Days
31" x 36" wallhanging, 22" pillow

This is a fabulous wallhanging displaying a patriotic motif with pineapples, flags, stars and vines. We used an array of National non-woven's wool felt colors to vibrantly display in this Americana theme.

         $7.50 pattern     

CJD 231 Love Blooms Forever
16" square pillow, 12"x 21"framed stitchery

You'll love this needlepunch project filled with flowers blooming out of rustic garden gloves, and basket. Frenchknot floral blooms and vines accents around the pillow with lace from Wimpole Street. Butterfly buttons from Just Another Button Company adorns both stitchery and pillow. A rustic watering can hangs from a garden glove with the words, "Love Blooms Forever..."

         $7.50 pattern       

CJD 237 Christmas Gatherings
14" x 21" wallhanging, 5 1/4" ornament, and 9" festive container!

The wallhanging gingerbread kids looks like edible cookies after using the needlepunch technique, they become dimensional! Stitched borders in candy canes, stars, and ornaments accents around gingerbread kids, along with star buttons from Just Another Button Company..Snowman ornament and a festive Santa container that says" Christmas Cheers" will delight you!

         $7.50 pattern       

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